Assessment & Recovery Service

Assessment And Recovery

Telephone number:
North Team at Greenways: 0117 354 7300
Central Team at Brookland Hall: 0117 955 6098
South Team at Petherton: 0127 579 6200

Opening times: 8am-8pm, Monday-Sunday

Who we are

The Assessment & Recovery (A&R) Service is for people who need intensive support. The service ensures that all service users get the treatment and support they need to take control of their own mental health and lead fulfilling lives. With greater emphasis on working in partnership within communities and intervening early, the service helps to improve outcomes for people using mental health services across Bristol.

A&R works alongside other Bristol Mental Health services, including the Crisis Service and Inpatient Services, complementing the support they provide. 'Recovery navigators' work with service users to give support, advice and to help plan their recovery with them throughout their journey. Recovery can mean different things to different people. We use it to mean living a meaningful life with or without symptoms of mental ill health. The recovery navigators are there to help prioritise what is important to you and help you to set and work towards your own goals.

"My Psychiatrist and Care Coordinator have provided outstanding care, throughout my contact with the service. They are both very thorough, warm and empathic and have gone above and beyond. This has made a huge difference to my recovery and the support my family have felt. I can't recommend them more highly". 

Quote from a service user

Who can refer

Referrals are normally made by GPs. However, people who have used A&R before will be able to speak to a member of staff to discuss referring themselves to the service.

Where we are

There are three A&R teams, working in south, central and north Bristol. Please contact us for further information.

About our service

assessment and recovery

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