There are a variety of apps that aim to improve people's mental health and wellbeing.

Breathe2Relax is a free stress management tool which teaches breathing exercises. Breathe2Relax provides detailed information on the effects of stress on the body and instructions and practice exercises to help users learn the stress management skill called diaphragmatic breathing.

Emoodji is a free app from Mind that's designed to help students cope with the ups and downs of university life. The app allows you to track your mood over time and is full of tips to cope with different aspects of life, such as homesickness, money worries and exam stress.

ESC Student
ESC (Expert Self Care) Student offers students fast and discreet access to reliable health advice. It covers a range of health topics, including mental health.

Five Ways to Wellbeing
This app offers a practical way to help you feel good and function well in the world. You can use it to reflect on your wellbeing, set activities to help you improve your wellbeing and track your progress. Based on substantial research, use the Five Ways to Connect, Take Notice, Be Active, Keep Learning and Give your way to improved wellbeing. There's no daily dose or required level of work. You can use the app at your own pace to suit your life – you can even write and set your own personal activities.

Happier is an app that helps you stay more present and positive throughout the day. It acts like a personal mindfulness coach. You can use it to lift your mood, take a quick meditation pause or capture and savour the small happy moments that you find in your day.

Meditation made simple. Headspace is an app which provides guided Mediation and Mindfulness for all levels. Meditation can help improve your focus, exercise mindful awareness, relieve anxiety and reduce stress.

Moody Me
You can track your mood with the Moody Me mood tracker to find out what makes you feel good. Keep a diary of your mood, note what affects it and record any treatments you're taking. Take pictures of what makes you happy and play them back for an instant lift, or see what makes you sad so you can better manage your mood.

MindShift is an app designed to help teens and young adults cope with anxiety and to change how you think about anxiety. The app will help you learn how to relax, develop more helpful ways of thinking and identify active steps that will help you take change of your anxiety.

SAM: Self-help for Anxiety Management
SAM is a free app that will help you understand what causes your anxiety, monitor your anxious thoughts and behaviour over time and manage your anxiety through self-help exercises and private reflection. The 'social cloud feature' will enable you to share your experiences with the SAM community while protecting your identity. The app has been developed in collaboration with a research team from UWE, Bristol.

Stay Alive
This free app is a pocket suicide prevention resource, packed full of useful information to help you stay safe. You can use it if you're having thoughts of suicide or if you're concerned about someone else who may be considering suicide.

Stress & Anxiety Companion
The Stress & Anxiety Companion app gives you the tools you need to manage anxious feelings and identify triggers so they won't trip you up in the future. It can help build your mental muscles to make you stronger and happier.

WellMind is a free NHS mental health and wellbeing app designed to help you with stress, anxiety and depression. The app includes advice, tips and tools to improve your mental health and boost your wellbeing.

What's Up?
What's Up is a free app that utilises Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy methods to help you cope with depression, anxiety, anger, stress and more.


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